Naruto The Shinobi War
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Command Action
!saga Shows your actual saga.
!sagateam Tells you who have the same saga as you.
!frags Shows your daily, weekly and monthly frags.
!online List of all online players.
!uptime How long is server running.
!jutsu Shows all your jutsu with level, chakra required.
!speed Check your current movement speed.
!mission It will pop up your current daily mission.
!tasks Show your current tasks.
!exp [monster] This command will tell you how many monsters
you must defeat to reach next level.
!war invite, guild, [frags], [hours] Guild leader can declare war against other guild. Default is 100 frags and 6 hours. Set 0 if unlimited.
!war accept, guild Guild leader can accept war invite.
!event [join/leave] If there is an event you can join or leave from it.
!partyinvite [nick] You can invite someone to your party.
!partyjoin [nick] If you have invite you can join to someone party.
!changedisplay You can change your hp/cp display
From static amount to percentage.
!effects Hide all client effects for 20 minutes.
!inactive If used against house door which owner is offline
for atleast 2 weeks you can take over someones house.


Status: Offline
Online Players: --- / 0
Player Record: 0 (582)
Status: Offline
Online Players: --- / 0
Player Record: 0 (91)

Top 5 Level

Level: 1
Level: 1
Level: 1
Sakura Haruno
Level: 1
Not Strong Enough
Level: 1

Top Guilds

Sorry Padasz
Kills: 0   Deaths: 0
[1 member]

Night Watch
Kills: 0   Deaths: 0
[1 member]

Muslim Terrorist
Kills: 0   Deaths: 0
[1 member]

Weekly Boss

This week boss will be Unknown