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[Image: 2021springENG.png]

· Reduced experience from monsters by around 15-25%
· Reduced loot from monsters by around 20-50%
· Increased monsters spawn time from around 30s to around 50s
· Changed last three jutsu levels from 150/200/300 to 160/220/330
· Added Dash option to the client (Options->Game->Enable dash walking)
· Kyokushins now drop Sun Medals
· Removed Protection Scroll from Scroll Box
· Increased control skill rate from Konoha springs

-- Profession Changes
· Kankuro is now Wep - Def/Def
· Kankuro no longer requires his dolls for his specials
· Set that Kankuro's Kurohigi Kiki Nihatsu is now target-aoe
· Kankuro's Kurohigi Sasori cage is now created on himself

· Kimmimaro is now Def - Wep/Wep
· Reduced Kimmimaro's Natsu no Mai cooldown from 60s to 40s
· Increased Kimmimaro's Hone no Yoroi duration from 4s to 5s

· Lee is now Wep - Wep/Wep
· Deidara is now Nin - Nin/Nin

· Added -5% protection to Neji's Tenketsushin
· Increased area radius of Neji's Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou
· Set that Neji's Hakke Hasangeki is now a target-aoe
· Reduced Neji's Kaiten Boei cooldown from 15s to 12s

· Upgraded Orochimaru's Shisa Kugutsu health reduction from 10% to 20%
· Upgraded Orochimaru's Gogyo Fuin chakra reduction from 35% to 40%
· Reduced Orochimaru's seals duration from 6s to 5s
· Added Orochimaru's Fushi Tensei +20% health/5s, increased cooldown from 30s to 60s

· Increased Shino's Mushikui stun duration from 1.6s to 2s
· Upgraded Shino's Mushi Jamingu no Jutsu jutsu damage reduction from -30% to -50%

· Added slow to Kisame's Furo Suchiru
· Set that Kisame's Senshokuko is now target-aoe

· Increased Kiba's Jujin Gatenga protection reduction from -8% to -16% and duration from 4s to 5s
· Increased Hinata's Shotei silence duration from 2.1s to 2.7s and decreased cooldown from 12s to 10s
· Increased Temari's Futon Kakeami stun duration from 1.8s to 2.5s
· Reduced Shisui's Shunshin no Jutsu Invisible from 1s to 0.6s
· Reduced Tsunade's Ranshinsho cooldown from 10s to 6s
· Added Jiraiya's Gamayudan +2 seconds of slow after stun

· Reworked Chouji's Ganyaku
· Added Kakuzu's special Masukuririsu
· Added Hidan's special Ogama Kogeki
· Added Sai's special Renenjaku

This list may be slightly changed

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