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Posted by: [Kage] Erexo - 03-28-2021, 05:08 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

[Image: 2021springENG.png]

· Reduced experience from monsters by around 15-25%
· Reduced loot from monsters by around 20-50%
· Increased monsters spawn time from around 30s to around 50s
· Changed last three jutsu levels from 150/200/300 to 160/220/330
· Added Dash option to the client (Options->Game->Enable dash walking)
· Kyokushins now drop Sun Medals
· Removed Protection Scroll from Scroll Box
· Increased control skill rate from Konoha springs

-- Profession Changes
· Kankuro is now Wep - Def/Def
· Kankuro no longer requires his dolls for his specials
· Set that Kankuro's Kurohigi Kiki Nihatsu is now target-aoe
· Kankuro's Kurohigi Sasori cage is now created on himself

· Kimmimaro is now Def - Wep/Wep
· Reduced Kimmimaro's Natsu no Mai cooldown from 60s to 40s
· Increased Kimmimaro's Hone no Yoroi duration from 4s to 5s

· Lee is now Wep - Wep/Wep
· Deidara is now Nin - Nin/Nin

· Added -5% protection to Neji's Tenketsushin
· Increased area radius of Neji's Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou
· Set that Neji's Hakke Hasangeki is now a target-aoe
· Reduced Neji's Kaiten Boei cooldown from 15s to 12s

· Upgraded Orochimaru's Shisa Kugutsu health reduction from 10% to 20%
· Upgraded Orochimaru's Gogyo Fuin chakra reduction from 35% to 40%
· Reduced Orochimaru's seals duration from 6s to 5s
· Added Orochimaru's Fushi Tensei +20% health/5s, increased cooldown from 30s to 60s

· Increased Shino's Mushikui stun duration from 1.6s to 2s
· Upgraded Shino's Mushi Jamingu no Jutsu jutsu damage reduction from -30% to -50%

· Added slow to Kisame's Furo Suchiru
· Set that Kisame's Senshokuko is now target-aoe

· Increased Kiba's Jujin Gatenga protection reduction from -8% to -16% and duration from 4s to 5s
· Increased Hinata's Shotei silence duration from 2.1s to 2.7s and decreased cooldown from 12s to 10s
· Increased Temari's Futon Kakeami stun duration from 1.8s to 2.5s
· Reduced Shisui's Shunshin no Jutsu Invisible from 1s to 0.6s
· Reduced Tsunade's Ranshinsho cooldown from 10s to 6s
· Added Jiraiya's Gamayudan +2 seconds of slow after stun

· Reworked Chouji's Ganyaku
· Added Kakuzu's special Masukuririsu
· Added Hidan's special Ogama Kogeki
· Added Sai's special Renenjaku

This list may be slightly changed

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Posted by: [Kage] Erexo - 01-09-2021, 05:30 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

[Image: 2021winterENG.png]
· Added option to disable stamina, during that time players receive no experience from monsters, there is a 15 min exhaust between each stamina disable
· Changed control skill minigame on Myoboku Island
· Jutsus deal 70% PvP dmg to non-targeted players
· Added PvE jutsu damage to items
· Reduced movement speed on moon island
· Changed disable chat mode key from Esc to ~
· Revamped a couple of most profitable spawns
· Reduced party experience bonus
· Small profession changes

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Posted by: [Kage] Erexo - 10-05-2020, 09:02 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

[Image: 2020autumnStartENG.png]
· New control skill minigame
· Increased Katon and Suiton stones buffs
· Reduced stones weight
· Set cooldown of Uchiha Barrier to 4 seconds
· Balanced experience from monsters (mostly reducing experience from high level monsters)
· Reduced Task experience reward from 50% to 40%
· Reduced party experience bonus from 20% per character to 15% per character
· Increased chance for 4 and 3 bosses per day
· Set that all three hokage signs may drop from all bosses
· Added hokage signs drop to minibosses (mythical raids)
· Set that elite monsters do not run away on low health
· Added option to turn off outfits on battle window
· Removed red stamina (now players have 2 hours of 120% and 4 hours of 100%, 6 hours in total)
· Increased frag limit to 9 per day

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Posted by: [Kage] Erexo - 06-30-2020, 07:18 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

[Image: 2020summerStartENG.png]
· Fixed map bugs
· Fixed jumping over restricted areas
· Uninvited characters cannot throw items to the houses
· Adjusted experience from missions
· Fixed lags from Shop at the beginning of every edition
· Added Glass Tube loot from Iwa and Hoshi
· Amulets and Rings are no longer enchantable

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Posted by: [Kage] Erexo - 04-04-2020, 11:51 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

[Image: 2020springStartENG.png]
· Removed southern Konoha passage block
· Momoshiki trap will not spawn on the borders of the arena
· Removed possibility to upgrade item between 1-10 with Mystery Chakra
· Reduced Candy drop from bosses

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Posted by: [Kage] Erexo - 01-14-2020, 05:30 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

[Image: 2020winterStartENG.png]
· Clones are now taking reduced damage from the owner
· Kuchiyose Summons will now walk in PZ zone
· Kuchiyose Summons will not move objects
· Jail Box now correctly removes Black Skull
· Player may now enter on Annihilators after completion

Trainers DO NOT give any advantage over regular public training grounds. The only difference is the outfit and that you can put one in your house

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  Nowe misje konoha
Posted by: Mefto - 01-14-2020, 12:18 AM - Forum: Questions - No Replies

Pytanie brzmi gdzie znajde npc do tych misji i o ile ktos wie i chcialby pomoc jakies wskazowki co do nich?

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  04.10.2019 Season
Posted by: [Kage] Erexo - 10-02-2019, 07:46 PM - Forum: News - No Replies

[Image: 2019autumnENG.png]

· To reduce the scam, it is now impossible to sell distance weapons that are breakable
· It is possible to sell Samurai Gems to Mitsuhide
· Increased max Attack Speed capability to 140
· Otsutsuki levers timer incrased from 10 seconds to 60 seconds
· Ability to rotate character using ctrl + w/s/a/d while on non-chat mode
· Diagonal movement using Q/E/Z/C while on non-chat mode
· Replaced the environment autoloot key from E to R
· Non-chat mode button is now more visible

Tasks will now give 25% of experience from slayed monsters and one task point for every 270k health of slayed monsters.
Those values are also modified by the amount of monsters selected for the task: 80% if 1000 is chosen, 100% if 500, 120% if 300 and 170% if 100.

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  EVENTY 22.07.2019
Posted by: Ovelion - 07-21-2019, 08:23 PM - Forum: Screens - No Replies

Dnia 22.07.2019 od godziny 19:00 rozpocznie się seria trzech konkursów.

Na godzine 19:00 planowany jest:

Pytania & Odpowiedzi!

W tej konkurencji startować mogą wszyscy, po rozpoczęciu eventu wyświetli się informacja poprzedzająca pytanie, które się pojawi.
Pierwsza osoba która poprawnie odpowie na pytanie otrzyma możliwość wylosowania nagrody. Pytań będzie 10.
Ten konkurs odbywa się za pomocą Shinobi-Chat'u.

Numerki i przypisane nagrody:
1. 50cc
2. Exp Box
4.  Summer Box
5. 3x Perfect Piece Of Chakra
6. Wybrany Item z Inner Setu.

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce series of 3 events.


The first one is Question&Answers.
The rules are simple:
Everyone can take a part in this event.
We have prepared 10 questions about the naruto saga, that will be send on SHINOBI CHAT the winner is, the first person whos answer correctly.
You have one day to remind some details about the characters, weapons, monsters,clans etc…

The winners will draw their rewards by numbers, from 1-6.

Rewards are listed bellow.

1. 50cc
2. Exp Box
4.  Summer Box
5. 3x Perfect Piece Of Chakra
6. one Item from Inner Set.

Na godzine 20:00 planowany jest:

Arena Event!

W tej konkurencji udział mogą wziąć wszyscy uczestnicy, ustawiamy się w "wężyka" i udajemy się do osoby losującej.
Pierwsze losowanie oznacza jakiego potwora wylosowaliśmy, drugie losowanie oznacza ilość potworów a trzecie nagrodę za pokonanie tych potworów. Wylosować nagrode oraz potwory można tylko raz. Nie stosowanie się do zasad skutkuje wyrzuceniem z eventu.
Zakaz Multi-Client.
Event odbędzie się na arenie, gdzie po śmierci nie tracimy nic.


On the 20:00 we planned second part:

All brave player that dare to attempt this event are expected on konoha arena.
In this competition you will draw 3 times. In first draw you will choose your monster to beat, second draw is about the quantity of monsters , the third one will be the reward.
Remember that You can draw only once, there will be no changes.
Don’t worry to lose, after the death you will be teleported out of aren without any lose.
Multi-Client is not allowed.

Lista przedziałów i potworów/Monsters:

Poziom: 1-29lvl
1. Wolf
2. Travler
3. Bandit
4. Rufian
5. Ninja
6. Onbaa

Poziom: 30-69lvl
1. Cursed Wolf
2. Elite Cyborg
3. Hoshi Jounin
4. Iwa Jounin
5. Stranger
6. Young Kyokushin

Poziom: 70-109lvl
1. Kyokushin
2. Monk
3. Zombie
4. Sound Shinobi
5. Mutated
6. Ice Monster

Poziom: 110-149lvl
1. Samurai
2. Ice Monster
3. Elite Samurai
4. Kagero Gennin
5. Cursed Madman
6. Mutated

Poziom: 150-199lvl
1. Elite Samurai
2. Legendary Ninja
3. Black Fowler
4. Kagero Gennin
5. Nukenin
6. Akatsuki Member

Poziom: 200-249lvl
1. Samurai Master
2. Akatsuki Member
3. Sachiko
4. Kagero Chunnin
5. Golden Samurai
6. Rikudou Path

Poziom: 250-299lvl
1. Rikudou Path
2. Golden Samurai
3. Cursed Monk
4. Nadare Shinobi
5. Kagero Chunnin
6. Sand Terror

Poziom: 300-349lvl
1. Black Samurai
2. Sand Terror
3. Giant Snake
4. Rikudou Path
5. Sand Terror
6. Sentinel

Poziom: 350-399lvl

1. Sentinel
2. Black Samurai
3. Outcast Shinobi
4. Raiton Master
5. Katon Master
6. Kagero Jounin

Poziom: 400-499lvl
1. Kagero Jounin
2. Doto Follower
3. Heaven Guardian
4. Kagero Sannin
5. Kara Member
6. Otsutsuki Member

Poziom: 500+lvl

1. Experiment
2. Otsutsuki Member
3. Kara Member
4. Kagero Sannin
5. Heaven Guardian
6. Doto Follower

Lista nagród/Rewards:

Poziom: 1-29lvl
1. 10cc
2. Cursed Katana
3. Cursed Glove
4. 5x Piece Of Chakra
5. Exp Box
6. Perfect Piece Of Chakra

Poziom: 30-69lvl

1. 20cc
2. 2x Perfect Piece Of Chakra
3. Exp Box
4. Cursed Katana
5. Cursed Glove

Poziom: 70-109lvl
1. 30cc
2. Exp Box
3. Unknown Box
5. Summer Box
6. Akatsuki Ring

Poziom: 110-149lvl
1. 35cc
2. Magma Sword
3. Akatsuki Ring
4. Sealed Box
5. Unknown Box
6. Scroll Box

Poziom: 150-199lvl

1. Sealed Box
2. Heaven Sword
3. Heaven Glove
4. Fuuton/Doton/Suiton Chakra
5. Exp Box
6. Scroll Box

Poziom: 200-249lvl

1. Exp Box
2. Sealed Box
3. Heaven Sword
4. Armor do wyboru: Raiton Armor lub Uchiha Coat
5. Heaven Glove
6. Pet Box

Poziom: 250-299lvl
1. Jail Box
2. Exp Box
3. Summer Box
4. Raiton Heart
5. Hakai Glover
6. 50x Giant Snake Skulls

Poziom: 300-349lvl
1. Inner item do wyboru
2. Outcast item do wyboru
3. Heaven item do wyboru
4. Wybór jednego z heartów do misji Killer Bee.
6. Juubi Amulet

Poziom: 350-399lvl
1. Red Chakra Amulet
2. Juubi Amulet
3. 2x Exp Box
4. Wybrany Health-Bar za 2000pkt
5. 5x Premium Ticket
6. Jail Box

Poziom: 400-499lvl
1. Wybrany Health-Bar za 2000pkt
2. 3x Exp Box
3. Summer Box
4. Jail Box
5. Inner item do wyboru
6. Hazard Box

Poziom: 500+lvl
1. 5x Exp Box
2. 300cc
3. 10x Perfect Piece Of Chakra
4. Wybrany Health-Bar za 5000pkt
5. Sannin Ring
6. 3x Hazard Box

Na godzine 21:30 planowany jest:


Konkurs będzie polegał na wylosowaniu wyzwania, oraz wykonanie go! Prawidłowe wykonanie wyzwania pozwala nam wylosować przedmiot, który będzie nagrodą za poprawne wykonanie wyzwania. Zadań będzie 15, zadania mogą się powtarzać.
Ten konkurs odbędzie się w budynku Hokage.

Przedmioty do wylosowania:
2. 100cc
3. Sealed Box
4. 2x Exp Box
5. Akatsuki Ring
6. Akatsuki Backpack

Po zakończeniu wszystkich konkurencji odbędzie się najazd losowych bossów ze strefą non-pvp!


The last part will take place in hokage building on 21:30.

It’s a chalange event!

Once again you will have to draw a challenge and complete it.If you do it correctly i will have a Chance to draw an item. We have prepared 15 challenges that may be repeated by other players.




2. 100cc

3. Sealed Box

4. 2x Exp Box

5. Akatsuki Ring

6. Akatsuki Backpack



This is not the end, during all theses events the forces of darkness got stronger and send their warriors to destroy the world of ninja. Brave ninjas, prepare yourself to boss raids on whole map or arena!

Do you rember the Fourth greate ninja war? all villages united to beat Madara and Obito.So we have to follow their legacy. So due to orders from headquater, any murders are forbidden.Non pvp zone will be turned on.





REMEMBER that these events are prepared by players for players.

Most important rulest:

You have to behave well, any complains about rewards, players etc ...  Please keep for your self.

Do not interrupt any other players during their chalanges.

Breaking the rules will result removing from all events this day.

If you dont agree with rules your free to resign.

Some of rewards are gathered by us and some are provided by Kage Erexo.

If you havy any question please contact with the organisators
Retired Squad Guild (Ovelion,Hebi, Father)

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  KUPIE EQ izanami
Posted by: visso - 07-11-2019, 03:59 PM - Forum: Questions - No Replies

Siemka, kupię EQ na izanami, najbardziej mnie interesują lepsze swordy black band i coś dla weapon bez wymogu lvla typu outcast set, oczywiście za PP, pzdr

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